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p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Oh? Yes, the Gallimard switcheroo is quite the topic over here. ** Steve Erickson, Definitely the first film critic or even -buff slave that I’ve come across. I just tried again, and I’m still blocked from your Medium piece. Maybe it’s something to doing with me accessing it from outside the US? Weird and unpleasant about that unauthorised misuse of your piece. And, yeah, might take a miracle to gain retroactive fairness. ** Jeff Coleman, Hi, Jeff. Thank you, I’m sure I will. I don’t believe I’ve heard or read a negative word about Fisher either. Thank you a lot for those new finds and shares. I’ve got them lined up and ready to gorge upon as soon as I hit a deadline today. ** Jamie, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Jamie. I’m as clueless as you. And don’t think I didn’t trawl my famously out-there imagination for the answer. That’s definitely a profile that’s suffering from the lack of comments. I think ImPrecious is probably overstating his current situation, yes, but he does have some pretty impressive tattooing. I do believe that was indeed the famous Kyros. Who is in fact famous in the realms that make a point of following the careers of twink porn stars. I even have a friend of a friend who directed what I believe was Kyros’s last twink porn video before he retired to the dark side. My Monday was all about working on my mysterious assignment, and it went very well, so it was a decent day. Oh, so, how does an online screenwriting class work? And it does work? I have this feeling that I would blow something like that off. I mean, I’ve dabbled with, I think, four different online ‘learn French’ apps, and I’ve never lasted more than a week. I guess it would depend on the Bresson film and which character I was inhabiting. When you offered me that day, I think I immediately imagined myself as the cinematographer. May your day retroactively put some peanut sauce on your noodles and broccoli. Formerly ice cube-like and now watery love, Dennis. ** Alex rose, Hi, Alex! Tell me about it. Although they seem to prefer having a place to live, and my apartment hasn’t got a spare room, dungeon, cell, etc. Well, I suppose if I drugged them 24/7 they could be just folded up in a corner. Hm. 40! Jesus, man, that’s amazing. Well, the pixie dust is here, so if you hit a snag or anything, shout. Love, me. ** Sypha, I was going to say controversy is good, speaking as a writer who has generated my share of controversies, but I don’t think my work has generated one since social media turned people into screaming mimis, so I don’t know. ** Cal Graves, Hi, Cal. Ah, gotcha, about the classes. Poetry classes are a real toss up, yeah. Can be great though. Greatness divination in that regard from Paris. Writing is exciting, fun, and the best drug. Lack of confidence is just a spoil sport. Plus, lack of confidence is always a lie. Always. I haven’t seen ‘The Shape Of Water’ yet. I do like the films of his that I’ve seen, yes. I think the most recent one I’ve seen is ‘Pacific Rim’, though, so I’m behind. I’m kind of excited that he’s making a ‘Pinocchio’ film. Thanks a lot about ‘Period’, man! Equally ramblingly and lovingly, me. ** Misanthrope, Hi. Yeah, there was some kind of slave-escort crossover going on. I guess slaves have to eat. Well, the ones that are into eating. I wish I had more experience with dreams. I guess LSD hallucinations don’t count. When people talk about dreams, for me it’s like when people talk about The Bible, which I don’t think I’ve ever opened the cover of. Onwards, *whip crack*, on your novel! ** Christian Hite, Hi, Christian. Welcome to here! I am following the Blaze Bernstein thing, yes. Which became very interesting at some point yesterday. And now I keep googling it and refreshing the page all the time. What do you think? Theories? Thanks again. Obviously, hang out here whenever/if you feel like it. ** Jeff J, Thank you on behalf of the escorts. Great talking with you indeed. Oh, thank you, about the podcast thing. That’s awfully nice. I have read ‘My Last Sigh’, and it’s really wonderful. I’ll see if that Garrel interview is online. Cool. I did a post about Danielle Collobert’s ‘Murder’ way back on the dead blog in 2009. That would be a good one to restore. I will. That’s the only book of hers that I read, but, yeah, it’s fantastic. ** Bill, Hi, B. Yeah, the guestbooks have become a real form in and of themselves, but only in the past, I don’t know, year at most. ** Kyler, I know I always had the feeling back when I was in therapy that what my therapist said was only said after careful consideration of what she thought I would want her to say or something. Strange process. ** S. C. Delaney, Hi again! Oh, great, thank you, I’ll go check my email. Have a great day. ** Okay. I think today’s post has no need of a preparatory comment from me. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Great Cave HERE!

  2. Steve Erickson

    The sexual imagery here seems obvious.

    It’s really weird to me that you can’t read that article on Medium. If you’d like the text, let me know and I will E-mail it to you.

    I’m seeing Abbas Kiarostami’s final film, 24 FRAMES, for a review tonight and really looking forward to it. Someone who works for its distributor compared it to Ken Jacobs and Ernie Gehr’s recent digital work. Given that it’s a non-narrative film consisting of 21 5-minute segments of CGI-animated photos, I think the only way it could possibly get a theatrical release in the US is that it was made by a director as famous (in festival/arthouse circles anyway, although CERTIFIED COPY was his only American hit) as Kiarostami.

  3. Jeff Coleman


    Coincidentally, the people who post at that Vast Abrupt site I linked to yesterday are known collectively as #cavetwitter. (admittedly this stuff is probably more entertaining if you’ve been following it for a while.)

  4. daniel

    Spoke of a wheel tip of a spoon
    Mouth of a cave I’m a slave I’m free

  5. Cal Graves

    Hey Dennis

    I will definitely try to keep that in mind when working thru this project.
    I havent gotten around to seeing Pacific Rim yet but I have heard many positive things about it, undoubtedly I will get to it. I did watch some films last night tho.: one a decent telling of Beauty and the Beast from 2014 that found ways to altar the story and be very true true it at the same time; the other was recommended to me by a friend, it’s called “Where the Dead Go to Die”. Pretty fucked up flick. Written-produced-directed-and-scored all by one guy, it’s this horror anthology in old PS1-esque animation. lots of gore and spooky/unsettling things in it. The first section, which was by far the easiest to sit thru, has a demon dog, parenticide, a dead fetus, and bestiality over corpses. It was fun.

    Period was fantastic–made me go back and start up Closer again. Both/The Cycle has been a direct influence on the thing Im working on, so you have been helping me in more ways than one. Thanks. I wish your projects well and much luck.


  6. Steve Erickson

    The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Film Comment Selects” series has announced its programming, which unfortunately coincides exactly with the Mehrdad Oskouei series I curated. It features the NYC premieres of Wang Bing’s documentary MRS. FANG and the French film KING’S DEAD, by Bertrand Mandico, among a handful of new films. There is also a retrospective by Nico Papatakis, including the 1992 film WALKING A TIGHTROPE, which stars Michel Piccoli as a character based on Jean Genet. That sounds quite intriguing.

  7. _Black_Acrylic

    Yeah there’s something smutty about these caves alright. And doesn’t spelunking sound like a dirty word? But it’s all good clean fun and any deviance is purely in the mind of the beholder.

    My body’s feeling healed enough for me to do my first Tai Chi class of the year tomorrow. And I’ve booked a driving lesson for Friday so I’m hoping to resume my routine. Then at the weekend the Yuck ‘n Yum team are meeting the Generator team to discuss the upcoming Compendium publication. Things are happening and I just need to wrap myself up in cotton wool for it.

  8. Jeff J

    Hey Dennis – Love the cave mouths, especially right after the escorts. Well played, sir.

    It’d be great to see that Collobert day again. I’m going to order a copy of ‘Murder’ shortly.

    Am I right in remembering you’re a fan of Kawabata’s ‘Snow Country’? Just started reading it and really enjoying the prose and sense of something thrumming beneath the hushed surfaces.

  9. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I’ve got a horrible mind. I kept thinking goatse as I scrolled through this post. But yes, caves turn me on. Not because of goatse but because of the underground secret tunnels.

    Yes, sir! I’ve got my third bit mostly written out by hand. I’ll transcribe it to Word this weekend.

    I’m going out with some friends this weeked to see…wait for it…CMBYN.

    Seems Mr. Chalamet is now donating his salary from “A Rainy Day in New York” to various charities. Other actors from the movie are doing the same. I guess Woody Allen’s gonna have to make his future movies in France. It’s weird to me that nobody reads up on that whole thing and makes up his or her own mind. Instead, they just follow the herd. Shit is getting kerazy.

    • Steve Erickson

      After A RAINY DAY IN New York, Allen’s career as a director is finished unless he’s willing to make films with $5 million budgets in France and with entirely European casts. Any American actor who works with him now and doesn’t immediately apologize will be getting calls for their career to be destroyed. Distributors here are unlikely to be willing to want much to do with him (it doesn’t help that WONDER WHEEL bombed, but he releases so many films and most of them are so mediocre that most of them haven’t made money in the U.S. for a long time.)

      The Kiarostami film is excellent, although it doesn’t really come together till its final 5 minutes. I posted a bit about it on FB and I can’t really say more without cannibalizing my review, which comes out in Gay City News towards the end of this month or the very start of February.

  10. alex rose

    ooh caves and their mouths, reckon i could squeeze an escort into my fridge, if i really tried, ooh, our fridge sized friends, love you, a,x

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