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p.s. Hey. Have a pleasant Bastille Day. ** Jamie, And a fine good morning to you! Oh, that’s interesting about your boss/partner’s film producer history. Having, as I half-said yesterday or something, watched U.K. throw a high-end hissy fit years back at a hapless video store employee, the ‘legend in his own mind’ tag seems immediately categorizable as fact. We’re almost finished with the new color grading pass. It’s definitely much closer to what we want. We’ll finish the pass and watch the new version on Monday — the editing place is locked up for the holiday today — and I’m sure there’ll be a ton of fine tuning to do, but, yes, I think we’re close to getting there. It is pain-staking. We have to take breathers every couple of hours because our brain and eyes get kind of scrambled. I do like bold colored movies when they call for it. I just don’t like movies where the color over-saturation reads as a filmmaker trying to manipulate you and hide things, I guess. I’m good. I hope your today is maximally good. Love originating from a spot two blocks away from a very noisy military parade, Dennis. ** Armando, Hey. I know the camera was an Alexia. I don’t know what model because I’m an ignoramus about that kind of stuff, but the camera was physically quite large if that tells you anything? I’m glad your horrible evening is in the past. ** David Ehrenstein, I think you had mentioned that Charlemagne Palestine was a classmate, but I forgot. How wild. He’s amazing. The French love him. He’s here performing all the time. Maybe he lives here. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Cool, glad the gig did its thing. Yes, From Nursery To Misery is a very curious and cool find. I’ve never heard of DJ Stingray before. Huh. I’ll see what Resident Advisor says. Thanks! And I’ll of course check into the Carla del Forno podcast. Thanks a whole lot for that too! ** Steevee, Hi. When I do the gig posts, I always put links at the top related to each artist. Almost always — and definitely in the case of Les Chants du Hasard — they lead to a place where you can either download their music/album or a place where you can find out how to do that. So, for future reference, always click the links when you’re interested to hear more or download/buy something by the artist. That’s basically what the links are there for. I’ll check your review. Everyone, here’s Steevee: ‘MAUDIE is a really mediocre film I only saw because someone assigned me to review it. If I didn’t tell you that, I think you could guess it from the following review.‘ ** Bill, Well, hopefully you’ve long since departed from the SF airport. Ah, cool, a conference, enjoy and scribble when need be. I still haven’t seen ‘Personal Shopper’. Weird. That might be one of the rare exciting things available on the very paltry French version of Netflix. I’ll check. Big up! ** B, Hi, Bear! Glad you liked some of the music. The Orcutt is great. I’m a real fan of his, and I think that new album is one of his very best. Yes, I’ve been to Double Negative twice. Great, right? Heizer has recently talked about wanting to restore it. Not sure if that’s realistic or not. No, we didn’t get to other earth works in the area. I did check in to what possibilities there were for visiting Turrell’s crater, but it’s still off limits. And we looked into doing the Lightning Field, but it was booked up. The organizing of your Burning Man Village sounds extremely interesting. 115 people! That seems like a lot, no? I’ve never been to BM, so I don’t know how that works. Anyway, it sounds amazing. Yeah, obvs., if you want to do a Shibari Knots post for the blog sometime, I would be extremely down for that. Thank you a lot for the thought. I’ve never read Klosterman. Seems strange, but I just never have for no good reason at all. Sounds like I should? Good to see you, man, and love to you from Paris and me. ** S., Thanks. I like that term ‘smart cookie’. I guess it probably makes sense, but I can’t make sense of it, which is of course why I like it. Thank you. I’m jealous of your sentence construction and possibly of your sex life, ha ha. ** Chris dankland, Hi, Chris! No, I don’t know what ‘17776 Football’ is. I’m a bit out of it at the moment. Whoa, I just clicked over there for a second, and … whoa! Okay, I’m sold. Book marked and scheduled for devouring by the end of this weekend. Everyone, the unimpeachable Chris Dankland recommends an online ebook, and based on my quick glance it at right now, it looks completely insane and amazing, so may I suggest you join me in discovering the monster? It’s called ‘17776 Football’. It’s here. Yeah, that really looks like something special. Such great future of books and literature thoughts on your part. Grateful. That OPN album/soundtrack is very good. Really different than his more well known work, which I love a lot too. I really want to see that movie it soundtracks now. It won something at Cannes, I think. Take care, bud. ** Amphibiouspeter, Hi there. Thanks a bunch. No, I did not see that Shilpa Ray has a new single, but I will try to hear or get it by whatever means. Thanks for the tip. Oh, that rich and famous and also surf rock thing is there in LA, but it’s a super minor aspect of LA, which is basically just a gigantic disorganized impermanent sun-baked mess with infinite seeming new and secret areas/places. I know my being from there shaped me totally. People always say so. People often say I’m ‘so LA’. But I’m not entirely sure what that means. ‘Nog’ and Foucault being in proximity in your head is a very interesting idea that’s very hard to imagine into a coherent thing. Nice. Your play is done! Congrats! Super disorienting when things are done. I’ll take care of myself, and you too, for sure. ** Misanthrope, So, basically you’ve de-thickened your diet in a nutshell, it sounds like. Sweet potatoes are vegetables? Yeah, I guess so, but it seems like cheating or something. ‘You never eat vegetables.’ ‘Yes, I do, I sweet potatoes’. *audience laughs* Anyway, it sounds like your dietary change is definitely a move towards proper self-preservation, which is, duh, good! Unlike not calling the doctor. Dolt’s the word! ** Okay. Today’s post is just of those ideas that occur to me sometimes and that on certain occasions lasts long enough to become a blog post. You’re on your own. See you tomorrow.


  1. OK, I didn’t realize that about that about the links. I’ll keep it in mind for future gigs. These days have become a big way I find about exciting new artists; in 2017, I learned about two of the best artists I’ve heard in a long while, Dominowe and Anthony Pateras, through them. (Unfortunately, I lost my Dominowe MP3s in a botched file transfer when I bought a new computer in May and I can’t afford to buy his album from Bandcamp a second time, as much as I like it.) I’m sure there are many people here who similarly use it as a consumer guide. I went to a movie last night, and I basically raved about Les Chants du Hasard – and your day specifically, as I told you privately yesterday – to everyone I knew whom I ran into.

    My interview with director Bryan Fogel about his forthcoming documentary ICARUS yesterday went great and was very interesting. He kept saying things like “Your questions are really insightful, and I’ve never been asked them before.” There’s a four-minute stretch of the film showing him injecting steroids into his thighs and ass and the short-term negative physical effects that followed this, which I actually found harder to watch than many physically violent films. I asked if he researched the risks he was taking and why he was willing to harm his health to make a film. He said that as an amateur bike racer, he had put himself in physically risky situations before without involving drugs. It was also interesting that he talked as much about contemporary Hollywood films as other documentaries. He cited Laura Poitras and Paul Greengrass as equally strong inspirations, and also referred to films by Tony Scott and Ron Howard as influences. This shows in the way his film expands from a personal documentary to a quite ambitious political thriller about the corruption of the Russian government. I have to transcribe the interview over the weekend, which is always a slow and boring task, especially since it went on for 35 minutes. But actually conducting it was fun.

  2. I think it’s safe to say here that I’m killing time before going to the meeting, and I’m really fucking nervous. I have to go pick up a prescription, go out for lunch and then head to the office at noon. I’m now listening to Bruce Springsteen’s NEBRASKA. I don’t know why I thought this would be a good choice of music to play right now, as much as I like it.

  3. The word “Never” works well!

  4. Amazing post, Dennis. Jamais is one of my favourite French words. I loved all the different connotations of never, so negative and so positive. En Vogue suddenly appearing like a ray of sunshine. Do you know who made the promise never to make art again cards? They’re wonderful and should be a legally enforced thing. How come I got moved by the Fox Mulder gif when I’ve never even watched the X Files? This post was the first thing I saw this morning and it was an excellent way to start the day. Thanks!
    What’s your weekend plans? We’re going to check out our new hood cos we didn’t get the chance to last weekend. I pretty much hate it so far, so it’s going to take a lot to change my mind.
    I was at the big newish hospital yesterday. It’s being called a super-hospital and it’s fucked up, like it was designed by a committee overseen by HP Lovecraft, all strange angles and bad feeling. Pretty interesting, but the last place I’d expect anyone to feel better. Hannah’s been in the basement level and the whole floor is staffed by robots. Oh, and the locals call it by the Death Star, which is amazing.
    Hope you have a sweet weekend and happy Bastille day for yesterday, if that’s a thing you say.
    Plastic Rihanna love,

  5. Happy Revolution Day Coop!
    Did I miss it or did you somehow not include a Rick Astley gif? That just seems… wrong hahaha. I forgive you.
    You do know this day cannot be long without its twin The Always Day, right?
    Anyway, yup: so excited about seeing you very soon!
    What’s going on in Paris right now apart from The Orange Monster checking out a military parade? Any good shows on? Gigs comin’ up? New funky restaurants? All those are semi-rhetorical questions of course as I could just check it out for myself, but you being the ever-on-the-pulse dude you are, I bet you know all about that already.

  6. Oooh!! In case you wanna listen to Randy Newman ramble on acerbically for a bit and croak along to his smooth scales, and frankly who in their right mind would not want that, here you go!(starts around the 4 minutes mark).

  7. Hi!

    Thank you for yesterday’s music treats! I especially liked the Dead Cross song. And I adored today’s collection too.

    It happens to me too, sometimes – that I can’t sleep because of something really important or intense I’m occupied with at the moment, but it’s usually not a long-term thing and thank goodness for that because I’m very disastrous if I can’t get my proper amount of sleep for like two nights in a row. It must be really frustrating and tiring not to be able to sleep peacefully because of the excitement and stress the making of your film causes.
    I’ll definitely tell you what my first readers say as soon as they say it!!
    Well, I don’t know what was up with the coffee shop owner but you’re right. I guess it’s better not to even start working at a place like that. Unfortunately yes, this was the only place I’ve managed to find so far but I’m asking around for any kind of English-Hungarian translating jobs now and maybe I’ll be luckier with those. That’d definitely fit my interests better, too.
    God, this is so exciting! I mean that you’ve found the perfect look and the final version of your movie is taking shape so steadily!
    I met a friend yesterday and it was really nice and today I just spent the day reading mostly so I’m all relaxed and satisfied, haha.
    What’s happening on your end? I hope everything’s lovely!!

  8. Nice Nevers! Back in 2002 I made a piece at the art school here in Dundee called In Situ. I stuck the Situationist slogan NE TRAVAILLEZ JAMAIS up on the wall outside the canteen, and combined this with a dirty joke from the pages of Viz magazine. Well, I really felt as though I could do anything in those days.

    Happy Bastille Day! As you’ve likely seen, the French Army band played some Daft Punk at today’s parade and it left Trump somewhat perplexed.

    Had another decent driving lesson yesterday, and Friday next week I’ve reserved a session with a University careers advisor. Given I’m in line for a good bit of redundancy money, I’d be interested in maybe taking a course in something for a year or so (instead of jumping straight back into soul-destroying work, y’see). I’ll find out what they reckon to the idea.

  9. Interesting thought re: Heizer’s restoration, and oddly disappointing to me. The idea of the natural decay of the piece is part of what attracts me to it. Has he talked publicly about the why’s and how’s?

    Not sure how interested in Klosterman you would be. I found his work to be wildly readable, and it seems like his cultural commentary (at least in the early work I’ve read) is mostly pop culture driven. He does seem to be somewhat trending right now.

    The organizing is a blend of logistical work/creative thought/personality management. Our camp is called the Avant Yard and probably best described loosely as a collection of healers, performance artists, and do gooders. Everyone is called a “Gnome” and my official title is the “Gnome Mayor”. When people ask what I do the simplest explanation is that I make sure the hippies don’t die.

    Thoroughly looking forward to when Roden Crater is open! I’m a fan of Turrell’s pieces at LACMA and MOMA PS1, and heard he has one in Vegas but didn’t manage to catch it when I passed through on this trip…maybe on the next one post Burn…

    I wrote a poem about the experience of sitting the PS1 installation “Meeting” at sunset a few months ago if you have time to give it a read. It’s pretty short, you can find pt.1 here & pt.2 here.

    Thanks for the love from your adopted city on this most auspicious Parisian day! Hope that you’re celebrating a bit in whatever form that takes.


  10. OK, the meeting finally took place at 3:00 and lasted an hour. I came away with more interesting work duties, but I didn’t exactly get what I wanted. Some of the people I’m working with are very stressed and overworked, and this has a lot to do with the institution’s small staff; paradoxically, they felt that giving me more responsibillties, which I thought might alleviate their burden, would actually result in them spending more time and stress supervising me. I’m not sure how this would actually play out – I’ve been doing an awful lot on my own earlier in the week, and it seemed to turn out just fine. The main programmer also wants to keep control of the institution and, frankly, limit the input of other people’s voices, including mine, no matter how much I know about cinema and how talented a critic I am (I know that sentence was incredibly self-serving.) He may only be open to working with me on 2 series a year. However, I kept insisting that I have detailed plans for future series for next year which would be workable, although I thought it was smart not to get very specific. Anyway, we are having another meeting next Friday, both to discuss what work we need to get done on the 1st Iranian series and my future ideas. At least he’s willing to sit down with me and listen to them then.

  11. happy bastille day! so many odd sayings been studying up on my proverbial sayings.

    not sure if these made the nevers

    never! never walk away – heart
    never rub another mans rhubarb – joker

    heres some from my native tongue…

    why i never
    i aint never in my born days
    dont never get married

    3rd grade appalachia you get what you get and thats it. it was a really rough road. my grammar teachers son came to one of my parties one time it was like the prodigal son returned in shining glory. thanks i try. lmao i do have two or three sex videos “cracker bottoms in the hood” and “ghoulies 7” seriously its a comedy. i just want my pr boy. you know my lungs belong to you coop these boys dont mean shit xoxo

  12. Dennis, Wow, a lot of nevers. Kind of negative, no? What’s become of this blog, which used to be so positive? I’m kidding.

    But it does remind of the most famous never ever. It was during Eisenhower’s inauguration speech, right before the end. And I quote, “Never eat dingleberries. They taste like shit.”

    That fucking Ike had a way with words. And hairstyles.

    OMG, of course sweet potatoes are vegetables! And you’re a…vegetarian! But then again, you don’t like asparagus, the best vegetable ever. That’s like a gay man not liking a sweet, sweet butthole. Sheesh, you are one complicated dude!

    Seriously, though, I might be changing the sweet potatoes to regular white potatoes. The sweets have many more healthy nutrients but they have a lot of potassium. We’ll see.

    But yes, de-thickening is a different way to put it. Just getting rid of potassium and cutting back on protein drinks a bit and adding some more healthful stuff. Just get just about everything naturally from food.

    Oh, so you haven’t seen me since my first hernia surgery in 2015. I’ve lost 45 pounds since January 2016 through diet and exercise. I’m the lightest I’ve been in years. I think I was 245 when you last saw me. I went up to 266 over the holidays in 2015…and then said, “Fuck this shit.” I’m 221 now. You won’t recognize me. Or you will but you’ll just be like, “Wow, there’s less of you.”

    I’m planning on bringing LPS and Kayla to London and Paris in 2019. That should be fun…

  13. Hi Dennis

    Love ‘261 nevers.’ I tend to associate the word of “never” with something immaterially romantic. And the post seems to create a fugue of it – thank you!

    I read Duvert’s Atlantic Island yesterday and today. I like it. But it’s very different from other earlier Duvert’s. Some details are very subtle and fluffy. It’s ‘naturally’ ambient, so I get distracted while reading it. I’m going to read it again tonight. Have a nice weekend.

    • It’s lovely to discover how small and silent the word “never” looks on the ‘written’ image of it unlike its frequent vocal usage in real life

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